it is thanks to a series of coincidences that in the year 2013 suddenly everything started to take shape in the Chianti area.

The wish of a new beginning takes the first step. This is followed by the managing proposal from some owners, within the wonderful hamlet below San Donato in Perano castle in Gaiole in Chianti. Which about 10 years before had the renovations work coordinated by Matteo Fontanelli.

Matteo, is contacted by these owners to manage their properties, their need was to find a trusted person and to know their properties are in good hands well maintained and comfortably set to fully enjoy their holiday. Natalia, is involved in helping as an interpreter and for her attention to detail. This new teamwork gives life to a new profession and passion, generating the best business model.

Property management

The positive word of mouth that has come to create, the most honest advertising and reference that we could offer, has given us the opportunity to get in touch with other estates for private use and customized management in the Chianti area, as to run and administer properties dedicated for tourism in the magnificent splendor of the Oltrarno area in Florence.
We have the good fortune of living in the hilly area of Florence, 7km from Porta Romana square and to have our office on the Viale di Poggio Imperiale n.6. We're so happy to cover the zone from our beloved Florence to the Chianti shire.

Customer focus

At the center of our commitment we have customer satisfaction. Good results will be determined by creating from the beginning an open, honest and tranparent relationship.
In addition to the intuition and trust of our first customers, a big THANK YOU goes to the patience that Francesca di GGService has dedicated to making our web page a reality, we could say it's our third child. To the photographer Paride Scuffi who has fulfilled every request discovering himself a magician! And last but not least, to all those companies and suppliers who collaborated with professional dedication with us.

In short Actio is a family that with its activity supports the needs of every client.

The desire to reinvent ourselves and having faith in our abilities, has turned into the management of beautiful properties in Tuscany. Today our goal is to customize carefully every need, following each individual customer request and the uniqueness of each individual property.