Every Owner, Every House Has Different Needs

If you live far from your Tuscan property, or if you haven’t much time to dedicate to it,
you will need local assistance to ensure that your house will be well maintained and that someone is taking good care of it.

There is nothing better than arriving at your holiday home fully ready to settle right in and being able to enjoy from the first moment.

-Find in ACTIO the trust and all required services to take care of your cherished house-


Suited to your needs we schedule routine service so you will find a tidy house at your arrival.


Garden care, irrigation system installation and green areas maintenance.

Pool Maintenance

Periodic inspections, cleaning and pool responsible certificate.

House Check

Regular visits, during your periods of absence, will keep the house well mantained and safe from any unwanted incidents.

Mail and Payments

We pick up your mail where requested or forward it. Do postal/bank operations on your behalf and IMU tax calculation.

Works and Maintenance

From day-to-day services, fixings, finishes, treatments to complete renovations!

Our service

In House Management, our target is to create a customized service package for your house and personalize your requirements.

A brief meeting will help us understand your needs. Our quotation, on the basis of your requirements will describe the way your property will be managed. The aim is to give you serenity in any part of the world you will be.

Some model...